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March 09, 2017

The correct definition of Artisan Gelato

Artisan gelato is a food preparation obtained by mixing ingredients, brought to the doughy state and to consumption temperature (approximately –8 to –13°C), through quick freezing and simultaneous stirring which provides a moderate incorporation of air. They are commonly considered and separated into milk-based gelato and fruit and water-based gelato, called sorbets.

Artisan gelato is normally made fresh that day with primary and characterising ingredients. The mixtures of this gelato are prepared with artisanal methods in one's workshop, commonly with “hot” procedures for milk-based gelatos or “cold” procedures for sorbets. Primary ingredients are used, such as: milk and/or its derivatives, cream, fats, eggs and/or egg products, sugar, water, emulsifiers, thickeners, etc. and characterising ingredients, such as: fruit and/or its derivatives, compound ingredients, cream, cocoa, dried fruit, etc. This gelato is batch frozen with a discontinuous method at the end of the mixing work cycle and brought to the creamy-doughy state, ready to be consumed, taken away or stored at a suitable temperature