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June 10, 2015

Extra Virgin Oil in USA

We found an interesting bunch of articles on this website about the Extra Virgin Oil distributed in USA.

At Gelato Dolce Vita we import only original extra virgin oil from Italy and exactly from two of the importers that are named on that website

In fact unfortunately the Extra Virgin Oil market became so large that a lot of companies distribute in the market EVO (extra virgin oil) that it is not EVO and/or it is not with Italian olives and sometime it is not even Olive Oil.

To give you some hints how to find out if the oil is original the first one is the price. In fact the most updated oil wholesale price is (27th March 2015) 6,20 Euro (around $8) / kg (1 kg is around 2.20 pounds).

This is the price in the wholesale market in Andria (Puglia) South of Italy, the cheapest wholesale market. Therefore if the price of the EVO we are going to buy is lower than that it cannot be an original EVO from Italy. It is basically impossible.

Our suggestion is also to read carefully the label. Some of them they state Extra Virgin Oil but then you can read that it could a blend of different olives or it could contain canola oil and so on. Mostly of the time the name of the product is in Italian but reading the label the product comes from Spain or Turkey. 

If the EVO is originally imported from Italy you have to consider that in Italy the packaging doesn't need a lot of "Italian" symbol. If there is an Italian flag or a strange Italian word, most likely that is not original.

The EU union regulations are also very severe. The bottle must indicate harvest date, stated origin of olives. If some of those information are missing, it cannot be an original bottle of EVO coming from Italy


If you like to buy an original EVO from Italy, we are the right choice. Simply because we know all the Italian brands and we sell only known Italian brands.