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March 02, 2017

Italian Olive Oil 100%? Not always

Everyone knows that the Italian olive oil is one of the best in the world. There are so many brands around and a lot of them can be found in our Groceries.

There is an important label to understand if an olive oil is authentic: DOP Denominazione di origine protetta which means that the specific oil comes exactly from the region in Italy is stated in the label.

It is important though to know if the oil brands we found in our groceries are made with Italian olives or not. If they declare to be Italian, they must be Italian 100%.

Some weeks ago, a TV show in Italy commissioned an analysis of the most important olive oil brands you can find in the groceries in Italy (and  not only) and the results are astonishing.

The brands that declare to be Italian but they are not are the following:

  • Arioli italiano bio Price: 5,96 per liter - Blend Italian oil and outside Europe oil
  • Club Premium Igp toscano Price: 13,40 per liter – outside Europe oil
  • Sasso classico Ue Price: 5,99 euro per liter – outside Europe oil
  • De Cecco classico Ue Price: 6,45 euro per liter – 10%/15% North Africa oil
  • Costadoro Il grezzo italiano Price: 9,05 euro per liter – Greek and Turkish Oil
  • Bertolli gentile Ue Price: 5,19 euro per liter – Middle East Oil at 20%
  • Cirio Ue classic Price: 4,25 euro per liter – European Oil but not Italian
  • Farchioni Il casolare Grezzo naturale Ue Price: 8,40 euro per liter – European Oil but not Italian
  • Poggio Santa Maria Dop Umbria Price: 14 euro per liter
  • Terre di Siena Toscano Dop Podere Ricavo Bio Price: 7,50 euro per liter - Blend Italian oil and other Europe oil
  • Terre d'Italia Sabina Dop Price: 15,85 – Old or Adjusted European Oil
  • De Cinti Oro italiano Price: 5,09 euro per liter – European Oil but not Italian
  • Fior fiore Coop 100% italiano Price: 9,16 euro per liter - Blend Italian oil and other Europe oil
  • Sagra Oro 100% italiano Price: 5,65 euro per liter - Blend Italian oil and other Europe oil
  • Carapelli italiano non filtrate Price: 10,20 per liter – European Oil but not Italian


It is important to underline that it is a felony in Italy to declare that an oil is 100% Italian and then it is not. It doesn’t mean that the oil is bad but the fact that the company is using different oil than the one declared is suspicious. Some of those oils are very expensive and you should pay that price only for true Italian oil and not for other region olive oils that are clearly less expensive. It is a fraud.

Some of those brands are easily found also in USA in the most popular groceries. Those olive oils are safe but they are not Italian, that’s the point. And you are spending a lot of money for an olive oil that it is a fake one (it is not 100% Italian how it should be).

If you want 100% Italian and ready to pay for it (it will be more expensive but this is not the only way to proof that it is true Italian as you can see above) you must be careful choosing the right brand and especially the right place where to buy from.

At Dolce Vita you can be sure that all the olive oil brands we select are 100% Italian.