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July 15, 2015

The horrible truth of industrial Ice Cream



Some ice creams have harmful ingredients listed under the name of "Secret E-numbers".These ingredients include artificial flavors, emulsifiers, sweeteners, flavoring, coloring and artificial sweeteners, thickeners and various additives associated with water forming small ice crystals.


We begin to mention purchased ingredients in ice cream, but keep in mind that these ingredients are usually not mentioned in the declaration or hidden behind one of the numbers E:

Benzyl acetate - This chemical is used for the artificial strawberry flavor. It is also a nitro diluent.

Butanal - This is one of the components of rubber cement. It is used to improve the taste of hazelnut ice cream.

ALDEHYDE C17 - This is a fluid that is used in aniline dyes, plastics and rubbers. The cherry ice cream flavor is improved.

Ethanoate - This ingredient can cause chronic liver, chest and heart damage. It is used to achieve artificial pineapple flavor, but is also used for cleaning leather and other fabric materials.

Isoamyl Acetate - This chemical is used for artificial banana flavor. It is mainly used as a solvent for oil paints.

Pipéronal - This ingredient is used to kill lice, and is also used for the artificial vanilla flavor.
Therefore, be careful when buying an ice cream because of these ingredients. Always choose organic ice cream without harmful additives, but with quality ingredients and certificates.
But our best advice is simple and quick to make ice cream at home with healthy ingredients.
Our thoughts:
Some days ago one the biggest chain in Italy (and one of the most famous) Grom lost by the order of the Court the possibility to use the word "Artisan" about their gelato.
In Italy the word "Artisan" is pretty clear what does it mean: you do your gelato locally. Grom is not doing that but they produce the gelato in a central factory and then only distribute to the store. This is not Artisan.
This doesn't mean that it is not good, it means that it is not artisan.
At Dolce Vita we do the gelato only locally and we don't use anything more than the clear ingredients!